Jawabu afya, the Swahili word for "Solution to health" is a tailored health care solution offering in- patient, out- patient & other added benefits. 'Safecare' program guaranteeing highest standards in healthcare.

Jawabu’s key objective is to undertake and provide micro insurance cover as a tool for socio-economic empowerment and risk management for low-income households and sectors in Kenya which the conventional insurance programs do not cover.

We believe that we can provide micro insurance cover to the low income / vulnerable / Saccos, Companies etc groups by targeting people working in Kenya’s informal sector and formal sector. Focusing campaign directed to the lower end of the pyramid which will increase insurance uptake by the public thereby supporting IRA’s initiatives to increase insurance penetration in Kenya.
It is our hope that our policy for covering Kenya’s informal sector, SACCOs’ will promote the Government’s policy to strengthen Public Private Partnership in order to scale up insurance coverage with affordable and quality-assured health and related services to all Kenyan citizens.

Jawabu Micro Insurance shall indeed provide the answer to the question of achieving universal health and act as instrumental in widening and deepening Universal Health Coverage (UHC) at county levels in Kenya.


We intend to maximize product sales through aggressive marketing, penetrate the micro insurance products to the market and increase awareness of the products in the market.

Our main strategy is to position ourselves at the top of the quality scale, featuring our combination of fine quality products and the best customer service in the region.  We are committed to communicating our "Quality" position to the market.  Programs are mainly those that will ensure we satisfy our customer by ensuring the supply meets the demand

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality products tailored to the highest standards to our clients both individual and institutions at a competitive premiums whiles maximizing value.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to offer and promote Micro health cover to informal sector to Kenyan citizens and to contribute to the development of the community in which we operate by offering tailor made micro insurance products.